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Our online tenant portal is the quickest and most efficient way to file a maintenance request. You can monitor the progress of any Maintenance Request through our Tenant Portal.

When submitting a maintenance request, please review your lease as much general care is the tenant’s responsibility. When a repair falls under the responsibility of the tenant, as per our lease either $75 or $100 repair deductible will be charged.

To report a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 right away.



Call the Fire Department immediately

A/C Repair:

By Maryland Law, A/C repair is not considered an emergency. We will schedule the repair on the day you place a maintenance request or the next business day, as we do understand this can be extremely uncomfortable.

Heater Repair:

When the temperature outside is below 40 degrees

Water Leak

Water Leak that is Flooding/Gushing/Overflowing: Turn off water valve to pipe or exterior water main until contractor arrives.


Only if there is no electricity and if:
The Resident has called the electric company and found that they were not at fault.
After Resident has checked all the breakers by flipping them ALL hard to the OFF position and then back on and reset all GFI circuits in the house. Partial outages do not represent a disaster! If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell, remove all plugs and turn off switch. If necessary, call the fire department.

Please take precautions to ensure both you and your family is SAFE first. Try to prevent future damage by (i.e. shut off water valve etc.), then submit repair request via Tenant Portal and notify our office.


Many of the non-urgent or regular restoration items are
listed below:

No Hot Water

Broken Appliances

Small water leaks that do not gush water all over the floor

Clogged Toilet or Drain

Per your lease, this is the Tenant's responsibility. Tenant will be responsible and will pay for repairs on broken water and sewer pipes cracked by cold weather, stopped-up plumbing when stoppage is caused by introduction of foreign objects not intended for sewage disposal.


It’s misfortunate situation and we understand the importance of you gaining access to the interior of the unit, however you will need to call a locksmith to regain access.


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